Dear Friends and Family,

As you all may know, this Sunday is Chad Stretz's birthday. To help celebrate...I ask you to complete one small task that I think he will really enjoy. Recently Chad has discovered a new favorite breakfast treat, the hard boiled egg. He grabs one out the door on his way to work and is set for the morning.

Based on a recent conversation between him and I, I ask you all the please mail him one hard boiled egg for his birthday. This egg can be packaged any way you like. If taken to the post office, don't tell them you have perishable items. (I've mailed some food items before.) Standard shipping should be fine, and if your package doesn't arrive exactly on his birthday that is fine too. Staggered egg arrival may be better anyway.
I know this sounds odd but really I think he will enjoy all the yummy eggs. I also ask that if possible you send me a picture of his egg package before you send it on its way so I can keep record.

Postage Information:
Chad Stretz
Columbia, MO

Thanks and I love you all!