How Can We Help?

This question seems to be circulating throughout culture right now within many contexts. When something negative happens to an individual, group, or entire population outsiders immediately begin thinking of ways they can reach out, assist, or leave an impact. This desire to extend a hand on a large scale is outstanding. It exhibits empathy, solidarity, and humanity.

In this same vein, why can’t this question be asked on a smaller scale? How can I help you? How can you help your neighbor? How can Greensboro Project Space and The Forge help their community? The intent in posting this question in large text on the roof of a building is ideally to invite the community to reflect on what they may need, and also how they could help others nearby. The actions could be as simple as holding the door for the person behind you, picking up dropped change for a stranger with their hands full, or jumping your neighbors car. These small acts are in a way even more powerful than those that come from a reaction, because in their simplicity they begin to unify everyone in a community and remind us that in the end we are all just human beings.