Dad Library

Dad Library is just as it sounds, a library designed specifically for Dads, by Dads. Fathers by any definition throughout the country were invited to contribute any books, media, or periodicals they wish to see in a library. Books within this library are contributed from a variety of locations including San Francisco, New York, Portland, and Chicago. Through the collection of books and other media, fathers are celebrated and defined beyond their stereotypical boundaries, and are brought together to share one space despite differing interests, opinions, or physical boundaries. This space explores what it means to be a dad of any kind, and invites all dads to come together and share in their “dad-ness.” This space also becomes a sentimental environment for those that may have fathers that have passed, are estranged, or are separated by distance. Visitors are welcome to browse and continue to contribute books throughout the duration of the exhibition however, books must have some kind of connection to a Dad.